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w h a t   i s  t h e   m e a n i n g   b e h i n d   y o u r    n a m e ?

After thinking about the name for a long time, we knew we wanted it to be centered around God, the verse that stuck out was Habakkuk 3:19, Kyle learned to edit from filming deer hunts, and through God's strength He enables us to tread on the summits. Deer... Summits... It's fitting!

h o w   l o n g   d o   y o u   t y p i c a l l y   f i l m ?

Our packages come with 8 hours of coverage with the option to purchase extra hours.

w i l l   y o u   t r a v e l ?

Yes! We love to travel. Package pricing may change due to location. 

w i l l   y o u   n e e d   a   d e p o s i t ?

Yes. You will need to pay a $800 deposit to ensure your wedding date is booked with us. 

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