Melody + Keith | Lexington, KY

Melody and Keith knew from the moment the day started who it was all about, they focused on honoring God and honoring each other from the moment we starting rolling the cameras all the way until the send off, and for a lifetime to continue! Melody was full of snuggles all day with such a sweet and gentle voice constantly encouraging and cherish each moment.  Keith loved his bride so much, all day we saw from the looks, the tears, the hugs, and the kisses; he adores Melody so much! They were so in the moment of their day, I don’t think they noticed the cameras once!

Kelly + Richard | Louisville, KY

Kelly and Richard were SO IN LOVE it was so much fun to see the joy, love, laughter, and passion between the two of them! Not one person left their ceremony not know who Jesus Christ is, the amazing thing about this couple is they took no credit for any of it! They had one of the biggest bridal parties ever, whether is was an epic dance party with the bridesmaids or a massive Nerf gun war with the groomsmen, this couple was LOVED! The garden where they got married was so cozy and pretty, it really enhanced the beauty of the day!