Phaedra + Winston | Louisville, KY

Phaedra & Winston make us fall in love all over again, these two have such a contagious love for one another and have some of the best friends imaginable!

But really… We couldn’t stop laughing all day, it was hard for us to find a shot that you couldn't hear us cackling in the background. Throughout these past few weeks, one of us would be in the other room and hear laughter coming from the office, we always knew… they were editing Phaedra and Winston’s wedding! These two not only selected hilarious bridesmaids and groomsmen, but they selected their PERFECT spouse! By no means was it hard for us to film the two of them, they truly made our jobs easy! We love you both and cherish the friendship we have created!

Venue: Big Spring Country Club, Inc.
Photographer: Firm Anchor Photography
Videographer: Summit Stone Creations
Dress: Rebecca's Wedding Boutique
Hair: Schaefer Studio Hair Salon 
Band: Endless Summer Band
Flowers: Oberer's Flowers