Nisa + Matthew | Louisville, KY

Pure Joy. You can see it all over their faces every time they are together. The amount of joy and happiness Nisa and Matt exuded on their wedding day was unreal! From the moment we met Nisa and Matt, it was an instant friendship! We met for drinks downtown which was intended to be a quick run through of the day, turned into an evening out with friends talking about life, travels, honeymoons and marriage! (not until the end did we actually talk about the wedding day!) This exemplifies exactly who Nisa and Matt are; they care about the time spent with others, they cherish the friendships created, and they love to laugh! Judging by the way they have loved each other as friends, through dating, in engagement; we have no doubt that this couple will have an amazing, loving, and joy-filled marriage!

Venue: St. Elizabeth of Hungary Roman Catholic ChurchThe Gillespie Louisville's Elegant Venue
Photo: Firm Anchor Photography
Video: Summit Stone Creations
Hair and Makeup: ALBA Beauty Studio
Florist: Nanz & Kraft Florists
Catering: Ladyfingers Catering Inc.
Cake: Lady A Cakes - Louisville Cakes
Band: Bluewater Kings Band