Blair + Ben | Lexington, KY

We knew from the start that this wedding day was going to be full of love, joy, and TONS of laughter! As Kyle and I were driving to this wedding we could not help but to think how amazing it was that we were able to start our wedding season off with such an awesome couple! Of course, with our first wedding of the season comes some nerves and anxiety. We aren't kidding when we say the second our feet stepped out of the car, all those nerves dissipated and we were overcome with so much peace! Peace from the beautiful day, peace from the venue, peace from the wonderful bride and groom. We immediately got into our groove and started filming like we hadn't missed a beat! April 8th was a dream, everything from the weather, to the bridal party, to the families were incredible! Ben and Blair did something we absolutely love; they decided to read each others letters in front of one another. The raw emotion that comes with that is unmatched and we LOVED it! It was so personal and so genuine, they got to laugh together, cry together and share such sweet memories in front of one another!